About Me

Sharing something meaningful everyday

Social Media is often used as a form of media activism. Because of the interactive features and widespread adoption, users can quickly disseminate information and rally supporters. Platforms like Facebook ,Youtube and Twitter can reach a much larger audience than traditional media. I believe in making lives better by sharing unbiased stories ,inspiring videos. I love to make Vlogs about my Daily life , Kashmir and world.


My Story

I am a Social blogger ,Vlogger and Video Creator, Photohobbyest to some extent capturing life in more meaningful ways.Everything i post is only related to my Passion & Hobby nothing professional. I like to keep it SIMPLE !

what i believe

Well, i believe Live streams platforms ,applications or websites such as Facebook Live-streaming is another medium which can replace TV and is more powerful in terms of audience, reach and its reliability. I make videos , create interesting content, do Facebook Live streaming of beautiful locations ,events and share stories making our availability fun

I believe in clicking Images which bring meaning and inspire people to do better. Image carry deep meaning and unsaid story which can be expressed very well through the medium of Photography

Clicked a picture of mother scolding a son to stay indoors during unrest in 2010 (Kashmir )

Clicked these pictures for my project , window of hope
AppreciatedĀ  Globally

Flood Victim Kashmir 2014

A surviver of floods in 2014 Kashmir

Interestingly she lost everything but she struggle to strive and survive to built it again which she lost


My newly foundĀ  hobby and interest apart from photography is to vlog daily life and things happening around.

We Kashmiri's are different people with separate Identity ..

We Kashmiri's are different people with separate Identity ..Subscribe |https://www.youtube.com/c/imadclicks |

Posted by Imad on Friday, 16 March 2018